September 30, 2016


BTC Store paperwallets

BTC Store has been discontinued. See If you have bought a paperwallet from BTC Store the information below may be useful to you.



Important: Check before commissioning and activation of your wallet the following things:

  1. Package seal is in good condition, that is, the package is unopened

  2. The package contains four cards: two charge cards and two wallet cards

  3. Cards are identical to the product images shown on in the BTC Store

  4. When sending Bitcoins to the wallet for the first time, please check that the charging card address matches to the address at the wallet

Thank you for your paperwallet order from BTC Store. For security reasons, our paperwallets do not arrive with bitcoins loaded on them.


Once you have received your order, send the information below by e-mail, so we load the paper wallet and send your password:

  1. Order number which can be found in the order confirmation
  2. Five (5) first characters from Bitcoin address from every wallet you’ve received

Important note: Don’t take a picture of your paperwallet to send it us on an e-mail attachment. That will jeopardize the safety of the wallet.

Wallet charge is usually made within 24 hours of receipt of the information. It can take longer sometimes.

You can send a message to the following email address: [email protected]

Attention! We do not have a copy of your wallet’s Private key, so it is entirely your responsibility to handle it safely.
We resign from all liability if these instructions are not followed.


Redeeming physical bitcoin (private key)

Redeeming with web service providers or by your own computer happens always at your own responsibility. You have to make your own decisions to trust your own computer or web service providers. Below is a list of well-known options, but we can’t guarantee that they are 100% reliable.

list of web services, where you can redeem BIP38-encrypted Bitcoin wallet MyWallet supports BIP38-encrypted Bitcoin wallets. You can enter encrypted private key at section “Import / Export” and click “Add Private Key”. Then it will ask password for it and after that, you can use bitcoins from paperwallet.


With Bitaddress .org you can decrypt BIP38-encrypted Bitcoin wallet. Select “Wallet Details” tab from top menu, insert your encrypted private key and click “View Details”. Then it  will ask your wallet password, enter it and continue. After that your wallet is decrypted and you have a normal private key, which you can import to almost every Bitcoin wallet.

bitaddress redeem


Redeeming with phone application:

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet (Android)

With Mycelium Bitcoin wallet you can scan BIP38 Private QR-code. Go to keys tab and tap “Add private key” icon. Then tap “scan” button and scan QR-code from the wallet. After that, it will ask wallet password and decrypt it. Then you can use paperwallet Bitcoins with your Android device.


BreadWallet (Android & iOS)